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Magazine (WaA)

Magazines for the MP38 and MP40

There are different types of magazines:

1) MP38 - no model marking and 2) the later type marked MP38u.40

We see also slabsided magazines and magazines with ribbed sides. According to a directive LVIB from March 23. 1942 all new magazines should have ribs. It's called type B magazines. The slab sided magazine is called type 0 magazines.

The most interesting is that all slabsided magazines were to be altered to the new design. It's the type A magazine.

The reason for that was that the ribbed type isn't so much affected by sand and dirt. Itís reasonable to believe that the modification was done according to a special contract by Haenel and they used WaA387. It's possible to distinguish the type A (the "after ribbed" type) from the type B magazine because the ribs start a little below the reinforcement at the top of the magazine.

The follower was altered too. The first has a dent in the back part of the follower. The last type a bulge out at the front part. The reason for the change must be the same as above.


Thanks to: Frank Iannamico (Blitzkrieg), Arnt Ove NedrebÝ and Leif Kallmayer.

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