Mossberg Brownie

This is Variation #1 of five know Variations of the Mossberg Brownie. Earliest is Variation #0.5 (or one half) has been found on serial numbers up to 206. Distinct variation is that serial number is stamped on LEFT side of frame and barrel cluster instead of RIGHT side.

Total production approximately 33,400 from 1919 to 1932.

FIRST gun produced by O.F. Mossberg & Sons Co. and the only HANDGUN they've ever produced for commercial sale.

Sales success of this little $5 pistol enabled them to go to become today's oldest surviving family-owned firearm manufacturer.

ALL Brownies were produced in blued finish only with the ridged black walnut grips. No other finish, grips or accessories were ever advertised by the company. Anything other than show would have to be from an aftermarket source.

Jack A. Myers

See my Brownie historical article on Page 40 of 2011 Edition Gun Digest.

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