THE COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY 1873 in .32 W.C.F caliber

The revolver pictured here is identical to all other SAA 1873, except for its uncommon caliber of .32 Winchester Center Fire, also known as the 32-20.

This caliber was first issued around serial# 102000 in 1884. Our model has serial# 312XXX, which places its production around the turn of the century.

The .32 is one of the heaviest of all SAA 1873's. It has the same external dimensions as all other calibers, meaning that the barrel and cylinders have extremely thick walls, which considerably increases the total weight of the gun.

The . 22-caliber one weighs about 2,450 kg, this revolver is about 500 gram heavier than his .45 caliber brother equipped with the 7 1/2 " barrel !

This weight difference could be a handicap for the user.

Some people say that these SAA made around 1900, especially in that caliber, can easily accept smokeless ammunition.

Let's remind a note the Colt Company published in the press in 1901 warning its clients to be extremely careful since the model had not yet been tested for smokeless ammo, and thus users should only load it with black powder cartridges.

The real "smokeless powder frames" appeared only after WW1.

But also true is that the SAA '73 has widely proven its sturdiness...


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