Original double cased set of Colt single Action flattops.

Superb set attributed to Major T. Ranken. Top of case is marked that way. Comes with both colt letters made in 1858 and confirming all the details.

The first one, serial 133221 is made in 1890 and the letter confirms that is has been shipped December 22, 1899. I contacted the colthistorica. I wanted to know why this gun was shipped 9 years later and after checking the ledgers I got confirmation that the last number could as well be a number 3. Since the other gun is shipped in 1893 we can assume that both were shipped in 1893. This colt has a blued frame and still has a good 99 % blue on the barrel and 97 % on the rest. Screws still have all the eggschell blue.

The second one is in calibre 450 Eley and has hardrubber grips. Probably the only gun he fired with. Of course all numbers match on both guns.

Included several competition sheets named to this major and of course the two colt letters. Inside case has the original Colt London agency label.

Only 6 double cased sets known and this one is probably the best. For the advanced and discrimination collector.

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