Tipping & Lawden

Old Black Powder, Tipping & Lawden, Woodstock St. London, SXS Damascus.

Twisted Barrel shotgun with a Tiger Walnut Stock, highly engraved (including the barrel).

Tipping & Lawden

Engraved Sharps Patent Breech Loading Pepperbox Pistol, Model 2A, Made by Tipping & Lawden.

Serial no. 348, .30 rimfire caliber, 3-inch 4-shot barrel cluster; blued barrel finish with silver-plated brass frame; chequered gutta percha grips. Circular marking on left side of frame. Profusely and finely engraved on barrel and frame, as well as butt plate. Proofmarks on barrel cluster at breech of each side.

Tipping & Lawden

Cased Sharps Patent Pepperbox Pistol by Tipping & Lawden, in Burl Walnut Veneer Lid Mahogany Case

Serial no. 1931, .30 rimfire caliber, 3-inch barrel cluster, British proofmarks on each side of blued barrel in flutes; silver-plated brass frame, blued hammer, trigger and barrel release; with scroll motif gutta percha grips. Burl walnut veneer to lid of mahogany case, lined in blue felt with elegant Watson & Son, No. 313 High Holborn, London, paper trade label in lid; brass shield inlay on lid; complete with accessories of wood handled steel cleaning rod, and key.