Francisco Arizmendi

The initial R in a grenade is the final proof stamp used at Eibar, Spain, between Dec 14, 1929 and July 9, 1931. Only one round was fired in each chamber with a charge at least 30 % superior to the normal load. (As a comparison, at the Liège proofhouse 4 rounds with a charge double than normal are fired in each chamber !!).

The curious round blazoon above the proofstamp is probably the maker's logo, and I have no clue regarding the initial N. It could be the N of "nitro", but I doubt it since the nitro prrof stamp should be a PV under crown. Unless it has been modified after 1929....

The mother-of -pearl grips are nice but come from another weapon.



It’s a revolver Geco cal. 6,35 of Gustav Genschov & Co manufactured by Francisco Arizmendi, Eibar. Spain.

Edoardo Mori (Italie)

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