Francisco Arizmendi

Still a Spanish Nagant Revolver made by Francisco Arizmendi with this strange mention.

Caliber 7.62 Nagant

Barrel 107mm, overall 225mm

Marks on side of action: Nagants Cartridges Calibre 7.65, Véritable Americain, Mehmet & Ybrahim, Constantinople (True American, Mehmet & Ybrahim, Constantinople).

Francisco Arizmendi

The weapon

It is about a Spanish copy of the Nagant revolver.

It seems to to me that it has the system of sealing of gases.


The Lion is the test for guns and revolvers, the crowned escutcheon is the admission with the proofhouse of Eibar.

As for mark PN, I often saw it on weapons of this time, but I don’t have anything in my books. The most usual explanation is “Pólvora Nueva”, or Powders New, i.e. Poudre Nitro without smoke.

It can be a question of a voluntary test of Arizmendi, to try to give more credit to its productions.

It had another mark, at the beginning of the Sharp Powder, which was a bird swallow kind, surmounting “PV”. I join a picture. Also a star, and a greyhound.

It is what I can say about the markings.

As for the gauge, it is one 7,62, apparently for Nagant with sealing of gases .....

Marking on the thunder is “Nagant cartridges, cal 7,62”.

The marking of the craftsman is that of Francisco Arizmendi

Date of manufacture between 1921 and 1929, according to the marks.

Roberto (Spain)

Francisco Arizmendi

Here is one of the craziest revolvers I have laid my eyes on in South America where I found it - not so much for the pattern or caliber - it is a Spanish copy of the Belgian Nagant revolver without the later gas-escape mechanism. Rather, it is what is stamped on the side that is a hoot. This gun was sent to Constantinople, Turkey all marked up so that Mohammed and Abraham (Mehmet & Ybrahim) could sell it together! Now, if that isn't peace on earth I don't know what it is.

Note: an interesting historical fact is that up until the 20th century the Jews and Muslims got along quite well in the Middle East. Then to add to the very interesting marks, it is also called the VERITABLE AMERICAIN. So the Americans, Jews and Muslims all get in on the project of selling this unique Spanish Galand revolver. I know of only one other revolver like this that has ever been offered in the US. I have no idea of its history, it appears to be a commercial model, not a military piece. It is chambered for the Nagant 7.62mm cartridge. The barrel is 4 1/4 inches long and overall it is 8 7/8 inches. It is marked twice with the Spanish maker Francisco Arizmendi's trade mark, a star over a half crescent.


Here is what I know about this Spanish Nagant:

Spanish Nagant Revolver made by Francisco Arizmendi (date ?)

Caliber 7.62 Nagant

Barrel 107mm, overall 225mm

Marks on side of action: Nagants Cartridges Calibre 7.65, Veritable Americain, Mehmet & Ybrahim, Constantinople

Ahead of cylinder E134631

On right side of action: trade mark with star in middle ahead of cylinder: AG over crescent moon.

Rear of cylinder: 28


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