On the left side of this Velodog, we see several Spanish marks or punches.

With the top of the axis of the hammer, appears the mark of Francisco Arizmendi, famous manufacturer of weapons, with Eibar. It is about a star to the top of a crescent of the moon, the overcome whole of initial F.A.

Below, EIBAR (image Francisco Arizmendi)

On the left thunder, several marks:

-         in top: the blazon of Eibar, 2 crossed bars, surmounted by a heaume with plume. It is the symbol of the BOPE (Banco oficial of Pruebas de Eibar) since the 9/07/1931

-         in the medium: the R in the grenade. It is the test of the BOPE for the revolvers. For the automatic pistols, it is about a P in the grenade. Also finds itself on the barrel.

-         in bottom:  a F surmounted of a star with 6 points. Corresponds to the year of the test (not inevitably the same one as that of manufacture). And here it is the case, because the weapon is of manufacture between 1905 and 1914, aprox.) the F corresponds to 1933. See on “punzones españoles”

-         On the barrel, in front of the test of the revolvers, one finds the mark of Albrecht kind (Akah). Company intended for the purchase, sale, resale and subcontracting of weapons and the relationné material. This revolver was probably not at the origin in 8mm. I think that it can be a question of one 6 mm velodog, which could be re-chamber for this 8mm.

Its manufacture goes back to the period former to the 1st world war. In 1933, re-chamber, it was passed to the BOPE, probably to be able to intend it for export, from where the mark of Akah. It is my theory. Difficult to corroborate.

What would be fabulous, it is that moreover, it appears a mark of Weimar, or Nazi. I never saw velodog with these marks.

In fastener:

The mark of Francisco Arizmendi

The mark of the proofhouse (BOPE) since 1931

The B.O of July 1931 when it decides adoption of the punch of Eibar

Official punches used by the arsenals, and the relation

Letter-year of the passage to the Bench

The logo of Albrecht Kind

Roberto (Espagne)

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