It is about a Velodog revolver to folding trigger, in calibre 6mm Velodog.

On the left-hand side of the frame under the barrel:

Logotype of Francisco Arizmendi, very famous manufacturer of Eibar, in the Spanish Basque Country.


Image of the Rampant Lion: Single test of fire for automatic pistols and revolvers.

Valuable of the 24/08/1921 to the 14/12/1929

On this revolver the test was very well made, since the lion appears on the barrel, the frame and the cylinder. It is a proof that it was intended for export.

Logotype blazon of Eibar (X, surmounted of a crown): It is the logo of the proofhouse of Eibar, for the admission of a weapon to the proofhouse. Valid at the same dates that the Lion.

It certifies that the weapon indeed was allowed with the proofhouse.

A surmounted of a star with 6 points:  Year of the passage to the profhouse.

A means 1927.

On the right-hand side of the framework:

Logotype of the German importer of weapons AKAH (Albrecht Kind).

The weapon was thus manufactured in Spain and exported on Germany since 1927. To say the year of the importation is difficult. I would say between 1927 and 1930-1933. In any case before the arrival of the Nazis.

I join images of the logo of Albrecht Kind, very known, of the police officer directing a weapon.

On the front face of the barrel, it is about a R. Probably a test house of the cylinder.

On the back face, N 39, which is N of the weapon in the Rack of manufacture. Its not a serial number.

I believe that Arizmendi had Racks of 50 weapons. When the rack was full, another followed, and the weapons were numbered similar, from 1 to 50.

My general impression.

Beautiful part, which was re-bronzed. Certain markings are a little vague.

It is probable, as I already said it to you on other occasions, than this weapon was well manufactured before 1927, in the neighborhoods of the Large War. It was passed to the proofhouse of Eibar to be able to be exported. I am almost certain that manufacture is former to 1927, but impossible to prove it.

Then a species of bronzing to the flame, which I do not like at all, because these weapons were not at all like that. They were either plated Nickel, or bronzed of a blue-green similar to that of the pistols STAR. The plates seem me to be the original ones.

Here is what I can say.

I hope that that will be useful.


Robert (Espagne)


Well, on the photograph of the barrel we see 3 marks and 2 digits.

1st, F, surmounted by a crown is the punch of mark of Francisco Arizmendi.

2nd, on the line, PV surmounted by the image of a dog (greyhound) is a mark of Arizmendi, copying mark of Liege, for the test with the sharp powder.

3rd, on the line, sees itself less, but it is about a star with a P inside, means the test of the factory for the revolvers.

These 3 marks copy a little the marks of Liege, which at the time gave prestige to the weapons.

The 3 marks are seen much better on the right sight of the weapon, at the origin of the barrel.

On the 1st photograph, its the logo of F. Arizmendi.


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