This pistol, whose external aspect remembers a stapler, is of origin and conception completely Spanish. It was designed by the military man Juan Bautista Uriarte del Rio, born in 1913 and passed away in Madrid in 1992. During his expanded trajectory in the exercise, got to be Inspector General of the Weapons Engineers and Construction Corps, being its last destiny the one of Director of the Superior Polytechnic School of the Army.

Once designed, it patented it with Nļ 463,479, being legalized by the Permanent Commission of Arms and Explosives by order of the July 12, 1978. Spanish Company Llama, would be the one in charge of its manufacture, between 1978-1995 although never it would appear like so in its catalogue.

With the pistol was accompanied by plastic cover that simulated to be of those to take the glasses in the waist. In his interior there is a warning that it notices that they contain a firearm and comes up with the danger of his use. Externally only they differ from the habitual covers to have two orifices that agree exactly with the mouth of their two tubes, and a small lateral rivet fixed to its left one that indicates the situation of the insurance.

The frame of the Pressin pistol is constructed with an alloy of Italian origin call ERGAL-60, that shares the advantages of a great resistance and a slight weight. Both tubes had parallel form are naturally of steel and go inlaid in the frame, not being possible their disarmament of manual form.

Its manipulation is the following one: Making sure that the insurance (red button) is driven, it is thrown backwards of the closing and their two only cartridges are introduced, immediately afterwards, of a dry blow closes this closing being the prepared weapon to shoot. In order to fire coarse with pressing the pistol like a stapler and if the pressure is smooth will go off only one bullet, although the two can be shot simultaneously if it is pressed strongly. Once made the firings, one becomes to delay the closing to extract the shouted cartridges and to come again to armed his. Can be fired from the interior of the cover, which makes more effective for the use whereupon it was conceived.

The commercialisation of this pistol caused enough headaches to the Forces of Security of the State, causing that were sent circular internal in the Civil Guard and the National Police to spread between their members photographies of the weapon and their covers, with object to avoid that the metal detectors made fun of apparently by any delinquent when depositing in the tray inoffensive glasses, next to the habitual game of keys, before happening through the metal detectors troop safety line.

General Uriarte was decided to design this weapon, that the Americans call of the type "last source" because in Spain, at the end of the years 70 terrorist groups ETA and GRAPO carried out several kidnappings of personalities in which victimís had not had time to react. According to him, if perhaps passed the first moments of confusion, the kidnapped one had had a weapon that, hides in a cover of glasses and with no need to extract it could shoot, history had been another one.

Respect to the ammunition, being a weapon destined to a type of very concrete user had to use a cartridge that could not be obtained with facility. The idea was that, if fell into the hands of terrorists, this one was to them unsuitable when not finding the ammunition for its.

The used cases correspond to the employees for the cartridges of 7`65 mm previously reduced 2 millimetres. Thus, of 7`65 x 17 were left in 7`65 x 15. The load, by security, was reduced to half, thus, its battle range was limited only 10 meters. These cartridges were exclusively made in the Factory of Palencia (Spain) pertaining to the Nacional Company Santa Barbara.

His Majesty, King Juan Carlos I is between his lucky possessors, the Pressin whereupon was flattered to him finely was damasceneed in gold, and he himself gave the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, another equal unit after undergoing the attack that almost tells the life him. The Prince of Wales is another one of his possessors.

Also, some Generals and Admirals of our Armed Forces were object at the beginning of the Eighties, of so lucky gifts on the part of their companions with occasion of ascents, transfers to another post or his he permission to go into the reserves.

It is comfortable to carry, easy to disguise and fast to shoot. These virtues caused that diverse information services and Intelligence, as American as European, were interested in it, but chambered to be able to use other more powerful cartridges with the intention to equip to some of their special agents.

Single 1000 units were done for joy of the collectors who we have it.


FACTORY: Llama, Gabilondo y Cia. (Spain)

CALIBER: 7,65x 15 mm.

ORIGIN: Vitoria. (Spain)


LONG. TOTAL: 120 mm.

LONG. TUBE: 80 mm.

WEIGHT: 280 gr.

Model luxury.

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