Brun Latrige

This small 6 mm French pocket pistol is a well known Brun (or Brun -Latrige) invention, capable of holding 10 small and short cartridges.

I think it is interesting because of its technical merits.

Squeezing the trigger cocked the firing pin, released it to fire the shot and allowed for the spring loaded stack of cartridges pushing out the empty shell and positioning the next cartridge for the next 'squeeze'.

The later models, the 8 mm versions in particular, were perhaps a more successful means of personal defence compared to this feeble small 6 mm version.



Brun Latrige

This weapon is a pistol with manual repetition Brun Latrige.

The patent, although deposited in 1868, was used for manufacture only in 1890. The cartridges are laid out in a fixed store inside the grip and loading by the top.

The trigger guard, also playing the part of trigger, is interdependent of the barrel. This one moves back in a sleeve to confine a cartridge which is then struck.

The long part located on the right of the carcass functions as an ejector when the barrel returns forwards. This weapon was very vague and the almost feeble cartridges but the idea to be able to draw a great number of times with a weapon compacts was pleasant at the time.

Arm sold by manufacture with Etienne Saint who devoted 5 pages to him!

Weights 250 gr., cal 6 mm, capacity 10 blows.

Pascal L.