MAC 1935A

MAC 1935S M1

Calibre 7.65mm long

The Model 1935S is an alternative post-war period of the Model 1935A.  I do not have yet details compared to A, but marking SM1, it is to indicate the modification "Safety Modified 1st type" of the Model 1935S towards the end of 1960, at the beginning of years 1970, for the weapons of working instruction in the schools of Gendarmerie, such as Montlucon, before passing to the MAC-50.  These guns models "S" came from MAC, the guns factory of Chatellerault.  MAC continued to produce spare parts and subsets, while the MAC-50 was made with the MAS.  There are points which should not be sought to understand in the history of the French militaria.



I allow myself this explanation to specify the information placed by Roger.

The development is necessary because various manufactures of State must be rather regarded as various establishments of the same company!

On the other hand the photographs are good.

I briefly summarize:

In 1937 two automatic pistols are adopted under the name “1935” (????!!!!), they will be manufactured, in small quantities BEFORE the war, partly for the Nazis DURING the war, then in greater quantities AFTER the war, it is of the 1935 A and the 1935 S.

They are two quite different weapons, jointly manufactured!!

Later, in 1950 pistol 50 (more known under the name of MAC 50) will take their changing.

Therefore, let us start with PA 1935 A (that of the plan of our site)

It is the invention of engineer Petter and will be exclusively manufactured by the SACM: Société Alsacienne de Construction Mécanique of Cholet (!) until 1950

Foot-note: consequently manufactured company for the Nazis between 40 and 44 in 23850 specimens.

Then PA 1935 S

Creation of the MAS (Manufacture d’armes de ST Etienne… always nothing to see with the private company “Manufacture d'armes et cycles de ST Etienne”)

Manufactured by the MAS from 39… (He also manufactured for the Nazis during the war) ..... manufacture partially transferred to MAC (Châtellerault) starting from 46, end of manufacture in 56.

It also manufactured in was deprived by the “SAGEM” (1945 to 51)

Finally a new weapon in 1950 is adopted: “Pistol 50” (prototype coming from the MAS) in cal 9 Para (two precedents being into 7,65 length, as indicated in your article)….whose production is entrusted… to MAC which produces it from 53 ..... but from 61, the MAS gradually takes again this production on its account to cease it only into 78.

Here, while hoping to have been clearly, not too long, not too soporific…



Another MAC 1935S M1