Beretta MAB38A

Unfortunately deactivated (barrel, bolt, and other pieces welded) but complete with all original accessories:

- Magazine capacity 10. 20 & 40 rounds (30 I have not, but it is only post-war) cal. 9M38

- Magazine filler device

- cleaning accessories (oiler, brush, cleaning rods)

- Leather sling

- Userís manual printed in 1942

- Web bag

- Cardboard box for 20 rounds (two clips) made in 1943 (empty)

Matching numbers.

No manufacturer markings because made in 1944 under Fascist "Repubblica di SalÚ"

You can choose semi auto or full auto by one of the two triggers; the rear trigger (striped) is for full auto fire and the first trigger (smooth) is for semi auto fire.

Rate of fire is about 550 rpm.


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