The rifle of test 1908

 Design features.

Manufacturer: Waffenfabrirk Bern

 Serial number of the studied weapon: 648

 Type of breech: rectilinear with rotary movement, model 1896 with three holes of reduction

 Gauge and cartridge: 7.5 X 55 model of test 1908.

 Mode of firing: central percussion.

 Mode of shooting: repetition and in shot by shot.

 Speed of the projectile: 805m/s

 Length of the weapon without bayonet: 1310mm.

Weight of the empty weapon without accessories: 4200 kg

Length of the barrel: 780mm.

 Numbers and step of the stripes: 4 with the step of 270mm

 Cartridge loading: magazine of 6 cartridges placed in quincunx on two lines.

Raise: shaped and curved graduated above and in lower from 300 to2000 meters, value of the graduations100 meters.

 Top sight: placed in a dovetail groove machined perpendicular to the axis of the weapon

 Wood: in drowning with hand-shield.

 Bayonet: model 96/11.

 Punches and Markings: the punch “B” on the top of the thunder, one thinks that it is a marking for the shooting of test.

In lower part of the barrel, the number of manufacture of the barrel appears.

And an unusual marking on the weapons known as “Schmidt Rubin” on the right side of the thunder gauge as well as the step of the stripes.

 On the breech and all the parts: one sees there the Swiss cross like marks acceptance.

 On mounting and the hand-shield: there, where takes seat the barrel, the federal punch of acceptance and the serial number of the weapon.

 Quantity manufactured: 900 rifles.

 Note: as of habit on all “Schmidt Rubin” a brass sleeve is placed on the barrel behind of the sight in order to center the barrel in mounting and to make it floating.