Rifle Peabody model 1867/1877 for the genius.

Barrel of origin.

Marks: Peabody Providence Tool Co.

Model: 1867Modifié 1877.

System: Arm has falling breech, lock reversed.

Fusing: Annular percussion.

Capacity: 1 shot.

Caliber: 10.4mm X 37R.

Barrel: Length of the barrel 836 mm (included the net of 19mm)

Numbers of stripes: 3 with the step of 736.6 mm or 29"

Depth of the stripes: Minimum 0.2 mm maximum 0.25 mm

Width of the stripes: Of 5mm to 5.5 mm

Helix angle: 2 degrees

Assembly of the barrel: Aimed to the back and held by a grenadiers and a nasturtium.

Overall length: 1320mm

Raise: With dial on dovetail, graduated of 200 with 800m.

Handlebar: Blade on block brazed on the barrel.

Bayonet: With casing, bronzed quadrangular blade of 480mm.

Model 1863.

Tare weight: 4,400Kg.


Barrel: Bronzed brown "chocolate".

Trimmings: Bronzed.

Lock: Polished.

Punches on the barrel:

The letter M and V surmounted by the Swiss cross (see comments)

The letter U (see comments)

Various punches are also reproduced on the other parts.

Lock: "Peabody’s pat. july 22 1862 Man. F.D.By Providence  Tool Co Prov R.J."


Rifle Peabody model 1867/1877 for the genius.

Swiss barrel

The barrel of origin was replaced by a Swiss barrel of manufacture:

It is recognized with its length (5mm moreover) and especially with its 5 sides on 83mm of length (5 sides which are not distributed on the entire circumference, but rather on the visible part).

The step of the stripes is of 660mm (instead of 736.6 mm) and the helix angle 1degré 50 minutes.

The handlebar is less high of 0.5mm compared to the fastener bayonet.

The length of the weapon is also longer 5 mm.

The other specifications as well as the punches remain of application some is the barrel.

Comments on the punches

The letter M: Used by the controller Hans Von Mechel (born in 1839 and died in 1912).

Following the introduction of a service controls weapons; this last was designated as person in charge for the purchase for Peabody.

The letter V: Used by the Vogelsang controller since 1869 on the barrels and the bayonets models 1863.

The letter U: All the weapons (American barrel and Switzerland) which have the letter U on the barrel below the small plank of rise received the modification of 1877.

Order approved by Council Resolution federal of June 14, 1867.

15.000 rifles were bought with Providence Tool Company, Newhaven, CT, USA

They carry successive numbers while starting with the nº 1.

Modification requested by the military department on January 25, 1877 per 15000 rifles in series of 1000.

Shortening of the part threaded of the barrel in order to remove the site of percussion and to reduce the width of the extractor of 6,4mmà 3,4mm as well as the depth.

Placement of a new striker.

Modification of the surface of closing for a reduction of the opening.

It is at the time of the modification that certain guns worn and except tolerances were changed by Swiss guns.

Execution of the modification

1877: 2290 rifles

1878: 1847 rifles

1879: 697 rifles

1880: 861 rifles

1881: 953 rifles

1882: 618 rifles

1883: 1187 rifles

Peabody Swiss barrel

Peabody US barrel

Swiss barrel modified in 1877

Many thanks to "COLLECTIBLEFIREARMS" for the photos