Military revolver model 1882


It acts of the Swiss revolver of ordinance, models 1882.Il is planned for a cartridge of calibre 7,5 mm charged with black powder. This weapon comprises a mechanism of type CHAMELOT-DELVIGNE improved by Rudolf SCHMIDT. Its capacity is of six blows.

The complete number of the weapon appears on the principal parts and the last three figures on the secondary parts. On some weapons one also finds the number of the factory. Left side appears the mark of the manufacturer "WF" for Waffenfabrik Bern. Or Waffenfabrik Neuhaussen on the few revolvers manufactured by SIG.

One can also sometimes note the presence of markings of other manufacturers on parts manufactured in subcontracting.

The weapon also carries the punch of reception in the shape of cross of Geneva and the punch of the military controller (a surmounted letter of a cross).

One could also meet a military marking of downgrading of the weapon either a large P followed of 2 digits or civil marking or a P forming part of the number.


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