Vetterli rifle with repetition model 1869 modified 1871

Denomination of the weapon: Repeating rifle model 1869 modified 1871.

Marking on breech: Waffenfabrik Bern (the overcome whole of the Swiss cross).

Number of the studied weapon 128297.

Type of mechanism: with bolt, automatic armament to closing.

Caliber: 10,4 X 37 R.

Système: Double annular percussion.

Principle of use: with the magazine and in shot by shot.

Give rhythm shooting: with magazine 21.

Speed of the projectile 435m/s.

Length and weight of the weapon without accessories: 1300mm/4,700Kg.

Length of the gun 843mm.

Stripes: 4 on the right with the step of 660mm, width of 4,5mm, depth 0,225mm.

Rise: with dial: model 1871 for the infantry, graduated of 225 à1000m.

Handlebar: fixed on the barrel.

Magazine: Tubular under the barrel.

Capacity: 11 shots plus 1 in the trough.

Mounting: Stick in drowning.

Bayonet: with casing similar to the model 1863, length of the blade 480mm overall length 547.5 mm, but lighter 290g instead of 365g by thinning of the squares.

Modifications compared to the model 1869.

Schedule of August 21, 1870.

The lever of stop of repetition, the clasp of the magazine as covers breech are removed like their attachment units.

Not having more utility also removed cutting in the content of the elevator at summer.

The safety catch of the pin of percussion is removed, because it often caused failures; moreover, the experiment had shown that there was no danger to disarm completely, the weapon being charged.

Schedule of July 12, 1871.

From the breech, the barrel is octagonal over a 75 mm length, (instead of 65mm for the model 1869) in order to reinforce the notch being used for the passage of the drawer of the barrel.

The small plank of rise longer and is provided with a thrust for the distance from 225m.

The nasturtium and the grenadière have undergoes the modification, their widths is carried à15mm instead of 10mm, in order to distribute the pressure on a greater surface and not to crush the tube of the magazine.

Schedule of October 13, 1871.

The maximum gauge for the new barrels is lowered by 10,65 mm to 10,55mm.


On the octagonal part of the barrel: The letters R and B surmounted of the Swiss cross.

The letter R of use to leave de1867 and used by the Rascheim controller: the letter B of use since 1867.

On the top of the box of breech letter v tiny of use starting from 1869 and surmounted Swiss cross.

All the parts are punched various letters and surmounted Swiss cross in own way of acceptance of metal.