Vetterli snap hook

For the Police force

Canton Of Freiburg

Descriptive and markings

Type weapon : Snap hook Vetterli 1870

Nš weapon : 95

Length of the gun : 1144mm

Length  of the barrel : 683mm

Calibre : 10,4mm

Type of cartridges : Annular Percussion

Speed : 430m/s

Capacity magazin : 7 cartridges plus 1

Hausse marked : 100-800 step or 75-800m

 Markings on the box of breech

Serial number : 95

Manufacturer Swiss industrial Company + Vetterli System.

Punch of control

On the gun, the barrel and the stick. + Punch of the chief controller S Colonel R Schmidt 1864 to 1874

Conrol punch + punch since 1872. V

Initial J D

 Arm used by the police force and prison warders of the canton of Freiburg.

Quantities manufactured : 135 weapons.

Listed quantities : 26 weapons including 2 in Belgium.

Classification and attribution:

These snap hooks received the job numbers from 1 to 135.

They do not carry punches nor of cantonal numbers.

They were allotted under the numbers of manufacture.

The strap is out of brown leather, width 27 to 30 mm


Quadrangular with casing model 1863/1871 but with an internal diameter of casing of 17,7 mm adaptable on the gun.

Overall length 547mm.

Length of the blade 480mm.


Vetterli snap hook

For the body of the Frontier guards

Description and markings of the weapon

Type of weapon

Nš of the weapon

Length of the weapon

Length of the barrel



Speed of the projectile

Capacity of the magazine

Raise to dial graduated of

Snap hook Vetterli 1869/1870


946 mm

486 mm

10,4 mm

Doubles annular percussion


6 cartridges plus 1 in the trough

225 m to 1000 m

Model 1869/1871

Steps of the stripes

Number stripes

Weight uncharged

660 mm on the right


3,900 kg

Markings on the breech box:

Nš of weapon: 23885

Manufacturer: W v Steiger with Thun

Control mark:

On the barrel, the breech, the rise, the trigger guard and to embouchoir it:

The letter D surmounted by the Swiss cross (In use since1867)

On the barrel:

The letter E surmounted by the Swiss cross. (In use since 1867)

On thundering it of the gun:

Surmounted figure 3 of the Swiss cross.


Punch of the canton of Bern on the barrel in front of the rise.

The handlebar forms part to embouchoir it, and is fixed.

Marks on the barrel: A 77

The weapon is deprived of bayonet.

These snap hooks with repetition were obtained by shortening of repeating rifles model 1869/70 or 1871. Until now, one could find no data on their use in the files. One is not far from supposing that it acted of a weapon intended for the body of the frontier guards. The transport facilities would correspond to this destination of use.