Vetterli rifle for the cadets model 1870 type II


On May 6, 1870, the cantons which deal the organization of the section of cadets and the federal military department communicate:

“A model of rifle of cadet, Vetterli system, with only one shot, gauges with the federal ordinance was ordered at the industrial company Suisse with Neuhausen”

Description of the weapon

Denomination of the weapon: Rifle Vetterli model 1870 type II for the section of the cadets.

Marking on the box of breech: MW (the overcome whole of the Swiss cross).

Number of the studied weapon 4827.

Type of mechanism: with bolt, automatic armament with closing.

Caliber: 10,4 Swiss Vetterli.

Fusing: Double annular percussion.

Principle of use: shot by shot.

Speed of the projectile 435m/s.

Length and weight of the weapon without accessories: 1125 mm, 3.200Kg.

Length of the barrel out of the box of breech: 660mm.

Stripes: 4 on the right with the step of 660 mm, width of 4,5 mm, depth 0,225mm.

Raise: With dial model 1870, graduated from 225 to600 m, small plank of rise without spring, but longer.

Handlebar: fixed on the barrel.

Mounting: Stick in drowning of only one part.

Punch of acceptance and hallmarks.

On the sides of the barrel: The letters E, G surmounted by the Swiss cross

The letter E of use to leave de1867 and used by the inspector Ehrsam or Egger: the letter G of use since 1867 and used by the inspector Grunauer.

All the parts are punched various letters and are surmounted by the Swiss cross.


Starting from the box of breech, the barrel is with 5 sides over a length of 60mm, (5 sides which are not distributed on the entire circumference, but on the visible part).

Contrary to the other models, the end of the cleaning-rod is out of brass and does not have the same form.

The model exists with 3 different rises

1 with 2 leaf springs

1 without spring

1 without spring, but the small plank is longer.

Ammunition quite specific for the rifle of cadet to the caliber federal 10.4, but with a load reduced to 3g were of use.