Vetterli rifle with repetition model 1878

Denomination of the weapon: Repeating rifle model 1878

Marking on the box of breech: Waffenfabrik Bern (the overcome whole of the Swiss cross)

Number of the studied weapon 153648.

Type of mechanism: with bolt, automatic armament with closing.

Gauge: 10,4 X 37 R

Fusing: Double annular percussion.

Principle of use: with the magazine and in shot by shot.

Give rhythm shooting: with the magazine 21min.

Speed of the projectile 435m/s.

Length and weight of the weapon without accessories: 1325mm, 4,600Kg.

Length of the barrel: 843mm.

Stripes: 4 on the right with the step of 660mm, width of 4,5mm, depth 0,225mm.

Raise: With dial modèle1878 Schmidt system for the rifle of infantry and the rifle with double trigger, graduated of 225 à1200m.

Handlebar: fixed on the barrel.

Magazine: Tubular under the barrel.

Capacity: 12 shots more 1 in the trough.

Mounting: Stick in drowning.

Bayonet: Saber-bayonet with teeth of saw, length of the blade 480mm width 28mm.

Weight 560g instead of 300g, overall length 600mm.

Acceptance and hallmarks.

On the octagonal part of the barrel: The letters E, S, W surmounted by the Swiss cross

The letter E of use to leave de1867 and used by the inspector Ehrsam or Egger: the letter S reversed of use since 1869 and used by the Controller Schmidt, the letter W of use from 1867 and used by the controller Werdmüller

All the parts are punched various letters and are surmounted Swiss cross as an acceptance.

The improvements brought to the weapon into 1878 are:

The rise new model (Schmidt system). It differs from old by the cheeks from the foot from rise prolonged in front of 27mm so as to move away from the eye the bead.

The sheet is enchased almost completely in the foot and is protected thus better from the external shocks.

The features corresponding to the distances being more distant to each other, one could graduate the rise of 50 in50 meters, while the old one carried only the hundreds of meters. One removed the two springs of the sheet, in consequence of the elasticity of the cheeks. The rise is graduated until 1200m. The shape of the handlebar is identical to that of the handlebar of the rifle with double trigger. Embedding for the foot of rise was widened and its reinforced pads, thus increasing the solidity of the fixing of the rise.

The discharge culverts of gases of the breech are removed.

The higher band was reinforced with its birth. The interior angles of the passage of the trough were rounded.

To the together of trigger, the base plate of the trigger was round to decrease the friction within the competence of trigger and to prevent that the part is not split with hardening.

The finger of the trigger was prolonged behind to make the departure easier. The trigger guard carries a hook whose form makes it possible to shoulder the weapon more easily.

With the mobile breech, the striker with two points was reinforced at the base.

For the fixing of the wood to the barrel the nasturtium was removed and the grenadière moved downwards. The squaring was removed. The stick is lengthened of 12 mm to correspond to the lengthening of the trigger. Peg was placed in the stick to avoid the slits.

To embouchoir is provided with a tenon for the saber-bayonet and the spring to embouchoir it removed and replaced by a screw. The back plate is strongly curved and resembles that of the rifle with double trigger.


Starting from the breech, the barrel is octagonal over an 80 mm length, (instead of 75 for the model 1869modifié 1871).

Starting from number 165.601, the rise is model 1881


Waffenfabrik Bern

Swiss Vetterli M.1878 infantry rifle.

The rifle was manufactured by Waffenfabrik Bern, and is accordingly marked on the left side of the receiver. This Military rifle has a high capacity tubular magazine under the barrel (12+1 rounds). The Swiss Cross is stamped just above the maker's markings. Right side of the butt stock displays a Swiss Cross over "M" in the shield. The same mark is stamped on the right side of the forestock, just behind the rear barrel band. The upper part of the butt stock displays following markings near the butt plate, "Swiss Cross, V". The stocks also display a couple of smaller Swiss arsenal marks. The nose cap has a bayonet lug on its right side, the rear sight calibrated from 225 m to 1200 m.