SIG 210-1A

Here 2 photographs of Sig 210-1 A (army) both are first series but 2nd delivery.

The first delivery goes from N 100001 to the 103200 and the second of N 103201 to the 107210.

The two first are without notch of stop to the hammer.

In German one says <ohne Fangrast>.

The grips are out of wood and surface is polished.


Sig 210-1P

Here 2 Sig 210-1P (private).

As his cousin 210-1A his surface is polished brilliant, barrel of 120mm, aimed normal but the hammer has 2 notches of stop and calibre is of 9mm Para (photo top) and 7,65mm Para (photo of bottom).

The grips are out of wood, the stop of breech and safety like the 210-2A.