Sig 210-5.

Model especially designed for the sporting shooting.

Barrels various lengths as well as a calibre in 7,65mm can compose this weapon.

Length of the barrels 150mm and 180mm (only in 9mm Para).

On the photograph a barrel of 120mm with same serial number that the weapon (enough rare).

The carcass is Heavy Frame; machining of the thicker walls.

The mechanism of trigger is retained by a screw (see photo).

This screw misses on the model 210-1-2-3-4.

The 210-5 has a micrometric aiming and handles wood with grooves for the best taken in hand.


Sig 210-5 LS

LS for Long Slide.

Characteristics like the 210-5 but slide and long barrel, carcass Heavy Frame, adjustable rise, plates in drowning and button of the magazine on the side.

Only 9mm Para calibre some.