Sig P210-6

Even manufacture that the 210-5 .Calibre 7,65 and 9mm Para.

Barrel of 120mm.

One finds some with or without micrometric aiming, with grips out of wooden or black bakelite.

Special series with number go of the n P79101 to 79150 has a carcass Heavy Frame.

It is noticed that the magazine on the weapon N 87931 is retained as on Sig 210-1 and following by a blade arises.

This model is in calibre 7,65mm Para.

The weapon with the n P303250 in calibre 9mm Para is rather particular because it comes directly from part of the Sig collection.

Polished surface mirror, modified safety, 3 magazines in same number that the weapon, button of ejection side like some 210-6 but modified, plate out of wooden enamelled, hammer and stop of breech polished mirror as the remainder of the weapon.