Sig 210 cantons suisse

As special edition Sig decided to manufacture P210 to the armorial bearings the Switzerland cantons.

This model will be manufactured in limited edition of 200 parts in all.

The distribution of the quantity of part per canton is the result of the relationship between the numbers of inhabitants of the canton by the number of inhabitant in Switzerland.

The research of the completion of surface east of a remarkable quality.

The grip in drowning is made of only one part and without screw.

On a side one finds the armoury of the canton and other the Swiss cross.

The gold inscription and Latin are the element to connect the 4 national languages.

At the beginning the weapon was presented like this model and thereafter certain cantons were never put in trade east remained at the stage of prototype.

It is the example of this weapon which carries N 001 is which normally was to be allotted to the canton of the JURA.

One finds on the photograph the final commercial version which, it, was allotted to the canton of Lucerne with N 0029.

The year on the weapon corresponds to the year of entry of the canton in the Swiss confederation.

Example Lucerne MCCCXXXII corresponds to 1332. The Jura MCMLXXIX = 1979.