SIG SP 47/8

In order to replace famous Parabellum company SIG (Schweizerische Gesellchaft Industry) acquires in 1937 the right to exploit the patents of Charles Petter for the manufacture of an automatic pistol.

The first weapons left factory SIG a few years before the 2nd war in calibre 7,65 and 9mm resembles the pistol Petter 1935A.

In 1942 this version is thus modified and becomes the SP 44 with a charger having 16 cartridges of 9mm para laid out in quincunx.

The hard military tests ruin it.

This model is thus altered to become the famous SP 47/8 (SP of German Selbstlade Pistole. In English automatic pistol) 47 for the year of manufacture and 8 for the number of cartridges in the magazine.

He was put on the produce market in 1947 and adopted by the army in Switzerland in 1948 under the name of M49.

This pistol is more known under P210 designation.

Series SP 47/8 goes from N 6029 to 7030.

This weapon with N 6746 whose n is in the series which goes from 6541 to 6862 was intended for the police force and private individuals.